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Linus frequently communicates with the policy world and the general public about the results of his research. He is a member of Economics for Inclusive Prosperity and a board member of “Scientists for Future”, Germany. He is a Contributing Author to Chapter 5 of Working Group III of the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Linus is also a member of the Expert Commission of the German Catholic Church on “World Economy and Ethics: Sustainable Development".

Below is a list of selected policy writings, differentiated between English and German contributions. A selection of media contributions from Linus' research group can be found here.

Selected policy writings:
Contributions in English

For climate economics, preferences can and should be treated as endogenous (2022, with T. Konc and N. Stern). VoxEU


What matters for the support of carbon taxes? Lessons from Germany (2021, with S. Sommer and M. Pahle). Green Fiscal Policy Network Blog


Carbon pricing for inclusive prosperity: the role of public support (2019, with D. Klenert). Economics for inclusive Prosperity Policy Brief 16

Reducing wealth inequality through wealth taxes without compromising economic growth (2019, with D. Klenert). Promarket

Why is carbon pricing in some countries more successful than in others? (2018, with F. Funke). Our World in Data.

Shrink emissions, not the economy! (2018, with A. Radebach, J. Siegmeier and S. Sulikova). Our World in Data

Contributions in German:

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